Dia Seorang Dokter

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October 15, 2017
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Dia Seorang Dokter

Are you foreigner who live in Indonesia for getting the better career? Have you already work in this country? What is your opinion about living in Indonesia?

Could face the local people by using English? I don’t think so because there are still many local people who could not speak English so it will be very difficult for to communicate with them. If you could not speak in the national language of this country, you have many obstacles in building the relation as the support for your career. It’s a big problem for you because there will be many misunderstanding between you and the local people.

So how should you do to solve this problem?

Of course by learning Indonesian language as the way to communicate with the native citizen around you. There are a lot of ways for you to learn this language from internet also by following the bahasa Indonesia class program. You have several choices to do it. But now, this article also become one of your way to learn bahasa Indonesia. We will give you some information about the general conversation that happen in daily activities then it would be your way to understand how the people of Indonesia deliver their expression by using this language. Now we will learn about how to tell your profession in bahasa Indonesia. As the tittle of this article, Dia Seorang Dokter (He is A Doctor), you will know kinds of profession in bahasa Indonesia and you can get information about what is your job in this country if someone asked you this question. Ok, let see the dialog below :

Dia Seorang Dokter


Tuti       : Hi Mr.Evan. Apa kabar?

Evan     : Hi Tuti. Saya baik, bagaimana dengan Anda?

Tuti       : Saya juga baik. Terima kasih. Mr. Evan, siapa orang itu?

Evan     : Oh, Orang itu adalah teman saya. Nama dia Sean.

Tuti       : Dia orang mana?

Evan     : Dia orang Itali

Tuti       : Oh, apakah dia polisi?

Evan     : Bukan, dia bukan polisi. Dia seorang dokter?

Tuti       : Dimana dia bekerja?

Evan     : Di rumah sakit Budi Asah

Tuti       : Apa Anda seorang pegawai bank?

Evan     : Bukan, saya seorang guru

Tuti       : Apa istri Anda seorang sekretaris?

Evan     : Ya, dia seorang sekretaris di perusahaan logistik.

Tuti       : Wah itu bagus.

Do you understand what the meaning of the dialog above is?

Usually, in bahasa Indonesia, there are several expression which become the support for asking the profession or the job of a person. For example:


  • Apa pekerjaan Anda? (What is your job?)
  • Apa Anda seorang dokter? (Are you a doctor?)
  • Dimana Anda bekerja? (Where do you work?)


How to answer those question if you faced the local people and asked about your profession?


  • Dia seorang dokter (He is a doctor)
  • They adalah polisi (They are police)
  • Saya seorang sekretaris ( I am a secretary)


Dia Seorang Dokter


Do you know some of profession in bahasa Indonesia? Let see some of the profession in bahasa Indonesia and it will be easy for you to remember.


  • Polisi (Police)
  • Pegawai (Employee)
  • Penulis (Writer)
  • Supir (Driver)
  • Pelayan (Waitress)
  • Satpam (Security)
  • Dokter Gigi (Dentist)
  • Cashier (Kasir)
  • Engineer (Teknisi)
  • Sailor (Pelaut)

There are still many kinds of profession you could find in bahasa Indonesia dictionary or other source. Now let’s move to the second dialog which talks about the case like the first dialog but we will discuss about other topic.


Mirna    : Rose, apa ini foto teman Anda?

Rose     : Iya.

Mirna    : Siapa nama orang ini?

Rose     : Nama orang ini Ferdinand.

Mirna    : Apa dia seorang tentara?

Rose     : Bukan, dia seorang pelaut

Mirna    : Yang mana Hose?

Rose     : Yang itu Hose?

Mirna    : Apa mobil itu punya dia?

Rose     : Ya, mobil itu punya dia.

Mirna    : Bagaimana dengan motor ini? Apa ini juga punya Hose?

Rose     : Bukan, motor ini punya Ferdinand.

Dia Seorang Dokter

For your information, in bahasa Indonesia, we will know about some of subjective pronoun that is also known in English. Different with English, the subjective pronoun also could be the possessive and objective pronoun. There is no different among that part. It only a little bit change in the use of dia for possessive pronoun.


Subjective Pronoun

  • Saya        ( I )
  • Dia               (She/He)
  • Mereka          (They)
  • Anda/ Kamu (You)
  • Kalian   (All of you)
  • Kita/Kami        (We)


In English, you as subjective pronoun only has one meaning but in bahasa Indonesia, it has two meanings. Anda is used for the formal condition for example for the person you do not know before or for the colleague in office. Kamu is used for the people who are close to you or have the close relation to you such as your friends and your family. Kalian is for the plural people or more than one person, for example if you will give some instruction to your staffs, so you could use kalian. And the difference between kita and kami will make you understand although you did not find it in English. So kami is used when you told with your friend about an event that happened with you and your family, you will mention you and your family to your friend as kami. And it means that is exclude your friend. But kita is used for including you and your friend for example Let us go would be Ayo kita pergi. It means all people include kita.

So now, you know how to use subjective pronoun? We will talk about objective and possessive pronoun in the next article.

Dia Seorang Dokter.

Dia Seorang Dokter

Dia Seorang Dokter












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