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Why Do Foreigners Have To Learn Indonesian Language

As the development that has been reached by Indonesia in this modern era, this country has the main role to build the relationship among other countries. Indonesia is placed as the country which has the good position in the world that will run better day by day. As we know, Indonesia plays the role in many cases especially in political conflicts, economical corporation and its geographic area as the strategic place which is also known as one of the line of trading. Not only about the corporation, the landscape and the cultures of Indonesia are also famous in the world. This country has many tourism object so it makes foreigner want to visit Indonesia. The big human resource also becomes the main factor for foreigner to list Indonesia as their destination. It is because the people from another country think that Indonesia would be the strategic land to build the new business and make the job field for Indonesian people. Moreover, they are really interested in having relationship with the local companies to build their business network. After facing the new global system like Asian Economic Community, Indonesia never stop to accept foreigner for working or build corporation in this country. The local citizen and foreigner try to have partnership by using communication. In this case, communication in the work field and the daily activities in overseas, make people who are not citizen must be able to communicate in the language of the country.

However, there still many foreigners that do not know Why Do Foreigner Have to Learn Indonesian Language.

  • You have to realize that there are many benefit if you learn Indonesian language if you live in this country especially in the capital city of Indonseia, Jakarta. Now days, Indonesian learning activities have become a trend in the expatriate environment. Indonesian language is also learned in other countries such as several countries where are close to Indonesia. Indonesian learning activities is also famous in several cities especially Jakarta.

Why Do Foreigner Have to Learn Indonesian Language

  • As the country which has many region languages, provinces, and also island, learning Indonesian language is very important because Indonesian is the national language for every area of this country. Every people who are from villages or another city will understand Indonesian language although they tend to use the region language. The foreigners who learn Indonesian language will be very lucky due to understand about the society and Indonesian culture comprehensively. It also will increase the good communication and respect each other then will build the good relationship in many aspects especially political and corporation business among countries. As the foreigner who live in this country, you do not need to know again about Why Do Foreigner Have to Learn Indonesian Language
  • The foreigner who know about the meaning of every conversation in Indonesian will not get the difficulties to face the important situation in their activities. There are many misunderstanding if we have a mistake in using language, so that’s why it is better for foreigner to learn Indonesian. Indonesian language is very easy because it does not have the complicated rules like English. Fortunately, Indonesian language has the borrowing words from another country especially English, most of Indonesian tend to borrow many words from English. The main thing that always be the difficulty of foreigner to learn Indonesian is listening. They are sometimes confused of several words which has the same pronounce. If they always study Indonesian hard, they will understand every conversation they hear around them.

And there are other reasons that be the answer Why Do Foreigner Have to Learn Indonesian Language

  • The importance of learning Indonesian language for expat make most of them decide to learn this language. It is to prevent the bad experienced while they are surrounding on the suburban areas especially Jakarta. Those who cannot speak Indonesian certainly will not understand if they ask the road with local people who use the Indonesian language, so they instead lost in the street and do not know the direction of the way home. It will be different if they are fluent in bahasa Indonesia, the bad incident would not happen in your activity.

For the expatriates maybe learn bahasa Indonesia is a very difficult thing. That is why you need bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreigner who can guide you to be proficient in using this language. Our course institution also provides the course for expat to learn bahasa Indonesia. Through this course, you will be guided and trained fully until you are proficient in this language with a variety of media and learning programs. In this program, you can learn how to communicate with bahasa Indonesia in the daily work and life. Level of lessons that are learned by the foreigners have to be more specific.

Many expatriates do not have confidence in the ability of bahasa Indonesia they have. In the course, the teacher can train expatriates in communicating with the teacher face to face and will make teaching become focus on the communication advance. Practicing continuously will be the best way fluent in Indonesian language. Then, the teachers will also know how many times per day they should practice as well as the teacher will also provide the best methods to train you in speaking bahasa Indonesia. With the Indonesian language course intensivily and orderly, you can be more confident in communicating with the local people and will not feel afraid of many problems. So there will be no question about Why Do Foreigner Have to Learn Indonesian Language, because you know how important Indonesian language is if you stay in this country.


Why Do Foreigners Have To Learn Indonesian Language

Why Do Foreigners Have To Learn Indonesian Language


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